We provide 100% Arabica Coffee Beans and Blends

At Coffee Lovers In we are passionate about our Coffee Beans, we will bring you the best Coffee at great prices so that you can afford to Espresso yourself.

We specialise in AA Arabica Coffee from Columbia and Kenya, will also do blends of Arabica and Robusta.

, below you will find some detail on the Coffees we provide

How Arabica differs from Robusta

Firstly Arabica has a smoother flavor with a more aromatic taste where as the Robusta has the higher concentration of Caffeine; rule of thumb is around twice the caffeine.  This alone provides good reason why blends have become popular, not to mention that Robusta is much cheaper.  If your looking for a fine smooth aromatic coffee Arabica is the go, if your looking to add some kick then a blend.

Arabica Beans are grown in subtropical climates and high altitudes such as Central and South America; where as the Robusta grows in lower altitudes and more robust thus grows well in West Africa and South East Asia.


We are based in Brisbane and distribute Australia wide